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Savu klientu uzdevumā Gontermann Analytik iepērk un pārdod jaunas un lietotas tehnoloģiskās iekārtas. Tādas kā plastmasas spiedliešanas iekārtas, palešu mazgāšanas līnijas, lāzergriešanas darbagaldi, lidmašīnu rezerves daļas u.t.t.

Mūsu saraksts bieži mainās. Ja neatrodat to, ko meklējat, droši jautājiet. Stāsta, ka esam vieni no labākajiem sagādniekiem Latvijā! Jo tas ir tas, ko mēs protam. Un katram klientam dāvanā smaids!
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Special Offers

Heavy duty plastic pooling pallets
(Īpaši izturīgas plastmasas paletes)
EXW Riga special price only 35 EUR + VAT ea. Usually 45 EUR + VAT ea.

Model: Pooling pallet Endur 7 by IPS Belgium
Size: 1200x800 mm (EPAL standard)
Deck: open deck
Material: recycled PP (semi hygienic - great also for food industry if no direct contact to meat or food)
Color: dark grey
Special extra: 4 IPS patented antislips to prevent boxes and other pallet to slip away
Without lips so larger boxes than pallet size can be placed

Data sheet: http://gontermann.lv/files/PoolPallet.pdf
They are far superior to the best wood alternatives. Among other advantages, plastic pallets are more durable, with a longer life cycle, consistent in size, shape and weight, lighter, hygienic and impervious to infestation. These are really the ‘tough guys’ in the world of pallets: suitable for the heaviest of jobs. You could use them for at least 12 - 15 years.

The pooling pallets are used widely. Here by Latvian softdrink and beer producers, fish cann producers, potato starch producers.

Dynamic 1/4 Box by Polymer Logistics (Israel)
(Īpašas olu kastes ražotājiem un tirgotājiem)

This bin offers durable and versatile storage on wheels with sleek dimensions for more compact spaces and smaller or fewer products. Like our larger crates, this one also features a rising floor! Designed for eggs.

Used worldwide by the leading suppliers of fresh eggs to major retailers, such as Noble Foods in the UK.

* A revolutionary 'one-touch' bin that functions both as transport storage and an attractive in-store display
* Ideal for promotion in limited store space
* Accommodates twice the product volume than cardboard boxes, cutting cost of unit in half
* Robust construction ensures that products are well protected
* Uniquely designed to replace traditional shelving, eliminating the time & cost of stacking shelves
* Completely foldable, nestable and stackable to maximize truck and store space
* Environmentally friendly

Size: 60 x 40 x 111 mm. Weight: 19 kg. Load Capacity: 130 kg. Volume: 190 liters.

Datasheet: http://www.polymerlogistics.com/images/products/pdf/Product-pdfs/English/Dynamic%20quarterbox%20.pdf

EXW Riga special price 89 EUR + VAT ea. Usually 125 EUR + VAT ea.

Full electric 1300kN injection molding machine
(Plastmasas spiedliešanas iekārta ar dzesētāju un mikseri)

Ex-demo Negri Bossi 130-tonn full electric injection molding machine with all accessories at ridiculous price!
Set price as low as 65 000 EUR. Usual price - more than 150 000 EUR.

The set includes:
a) Negri Bossi VE 130/1300H - 420 (Italy) full electric 1300 kN injection machine (built year 2012)
b) Werner Koch (Germany) volumetric doser / mixer
c) Piovan CH180 (Italy) 22kW chiller

Limited offer. First come, first served! If interested, let us know asap.

Datasheet ar http://www.negribossi.com/System/00/01/86/18697/633731533013370000_1itIT.pdf